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Netwrix Privileged Account Manager  v.4.135.145

Privileged Account Manager secures and audits all operations with privileged passwords, randomizing them on a scheduled basis. Members of the IT team can securely access all passwords from a web browser.

LDAP Account Manager  v.3.7

LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a webfrontend for managing accounts stored in an LDAP directory. You can use templates for account creation and use multiple configuration profiles. Account information can be exported as PDF

Java Account Manager for LDAP  v.1.0

Java Account Manager is an LDAP client focused designed to manage user accounts in a directory tree, such as OpenLDAP. It is focused on ease of use for end users, and on configurability and extensibility for administrators.

SWGEMU - Account Manager / Control Panel  v.1.0

Swgemu ACM is a webbased Account Manger for SWG EMU servers. Includes support for changing character status, viewing and editing characters, and more. The best account manager for SWG EMU servers.

WoD account manager  v.1.0

WoD account manager*******************Look the REV_LOG file!

Account-manager  v.2.0

XML based bank account transaction manager. Keep track of your monies for multiple bank accounts and get rid of those old check book

Account Manager  v.86

A simple personal accounting manager as an Eclipse desktop application. Handles multiple accounts and users. Also provides with basic accounting framework including : model, persistence, views,

Enterprise Account Manager  v.1.0

EJB based extensible module to manage (create, activate, change password and etc.) user accounts on web applications. This module can be simple plug in to existing application and use existing account database.

TrustMaster trust account manager  v.1.1.2

TrustMaster is a financial application designed to manage trust deferrable expenses. TrustMaster is written in Java and deployed using the Java Web Start Framework. Data is stored in the embedded Apache Derby

Phlap - Postfix&LDAP Web Account  v.1.0

Phlap is a web frontend to manage Postfix+OpenLDAP. In fact, it's a simple ldap-browser which looks like an email account manager. It's build on PHP and it's gonna be multi-language and end-user oriented

Boinc Manager in Java  v.1.0

A boinc manager in java that will run on any platform that has the JRE installed. A database may be added later. Will work for a boinc farm with some tasks automated. Will use any boinc account manager.

Accouma  v.0.3

Accouma is an Account Manager utility ment as a work around for the problems that occur if someone plays an online game or uses any Account based Program and shares his Account with someone else. Usually it will not be possible to use this Account

Ma Tirelire  v.1.0.7

Ma Tirelire 1.0.7 comes to you as such a bank account manager for Palm OS which is available in English, French, Italian, and Czech languages.Key Functions:Sum type: The principle of this function is to allow the user to obtain an account balance

Yet Another Mail Biff for ThunderBird  v.0.7.0

Yet Another Mail Biff for ThunderBird 0.7.0 is well-known as a handy as well as reliable software that is created to help you set the interval in seconds in the Account manager. Yamb will also call an external notifier (to display a dialog box, play

Erudite Directory Service Admin  v.32

A graphical user, group, and computer account manager for LDAP servers. Doesn't try to be the end-all LDAP tool, focuses on making user management quick and easy. (For linux/gnome, windows, MacOS coming

JAccount  v.1.01

JAccount is a Java personnal account manager (actually only in french). Fonctions : Import bank data in csv format, Category Analyze between two dates or by month with historic analyze. Category & configuration editor

SaCASH  v.0.6.3alpha

saCash is a Quicken-like financial account manager. It handles multiple accounts, account transfers, and reconciles information. Tested with PostGreSQL, and

Telepathy Mission Control  v.1.0

Mission Control is a Telepathy component implementing the Account Manager and Channel Dispatcher specifications. It stores IM account settings, brings accounts online as necessary, and hands communication channels to the relevant

Wholesalers Order and Stock Database  v.1.4.0

Wholesale order and account manager originally created to the requirements of a UK wholesaler. Currently uses MS-Access and requires that it be installed but the hope is to create web based version for release as an application

Yapbam  v.0.10.2

Yapbam (Yet Another Personal Bank Account Manager) is ... another personnal bank account manager. It's cross-platform (Java), portable, extensible (with plugins), and (I hope) easy to use. More information at

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